ECA Work

A number of my earlier projects at ECA are on

Distracted (1 minute 49 seconds)

The short film that I made in my final year at Edinburgh College of Art and exhibited at its 2012 Degree Show. Huge thanks to John McCaffery for being involved with his enduring patience. Also many thanks to James Kirk and Georgie Wood for location help and Ell Walker for creating the great armature.


The Too Much Fun Club

TMFC is an art collective based in Edinburgh with over twenty members who collaborate on commissions and events, each bringing their unique style and influences whilst managing to blend them into cohesive pieces.



Travelling, searching, exploring and learning but there is no conclusion, just an end.


Film Stills

Exploring film styled lighting whilst attempting to create a narrative that allows the viewer to form their own thoughts of the before and after. I feel by giving this space you allow each person to project their own experiences on the work and form a more personalised and immersive connection.


4 thoughts on “ECA Work

  1. I’m enjoying the new portraits, the new photos of Holly’s clothes are great. Though I could have warned you about that camera. Where’s that video of the dramatic start to a day, I want to show my brother it.

    • Hey thanks man, her items are pretty neat. Yeah, I did make sure that I understood and could work the problematic shutter but forgot about the scratches received on your negs, I’ll use a different one next time. Do you mean the ‘lemon sorbet’ daft short I did in 3rd year? Well it’s not uploaded, but could easily do that if you like.

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