Cinestill 50-Daylight

Playing with new film is always fun and after using CineStill’s 800T (shown in my previous post) I wanted to see how the 50D fared. Lovely tones with a wide latitude that one can easily pull detail from shadows or highlights and a super fine grain all makes me want to use this again, especially if they make the medium format version.

But one issue that didn’t affect my 800T roll, but affected the entire strip of the 50D is blotchy patterns (see example images below). Most noticeably in smooth non-detailed areas or under exposed frames. I did send CineStill an email (no response yet) asking if they thought it was a processing problem or something to do with the rem-jet removal process that users in a couple of photography forums have suggested.


Example – basic scan


Example – with exaggerated adjustments








After watching an interesting video on basic rem-jet removal from motion picture stock, I will try soaking the tail end of the film roll and then see if I can clean it. Update when I get this done.


Remove featured image



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