Cinestill 800-Tungsten

I recently discovered CineStill who take Kodak Vision 3 500T 5219, a motion picture film stock, and modify it allow processes by C-41. After seeing other photographer’s examples of how the emulsion deals with underexposure I rated the film at 400; much like other negative films it’s often better over exposing and this stock is great at pulling details from highlights, just not so much from the shade. Although grainy the frames are pretty sharp, ignoring my hand-held shots at slower shutter speeds. The halos around light sources, caused by the removed anti-halation layer, is a characteristic that varies in impact upon the image, not as problematic as I had thought. There is definitely a quality to the film that is very appealing with cool green tones, textured with grain but detailed. So I’ll be working with another roll after trying their daylight balanced film (in winter, it may take a while).

Cinestill 800TCinestill 800T Cinestill 800T Cinestill 800TCinestill 800TCinestill 800T




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