UNF – Edinburgh

Stills from the Edinburgh shoot for a feature film by Lyre Productions, check out their Indigogo page to see what it’s all about. A realy great week, even if a little sleep deprived.  Such a joy to meet, work with and learn from some really talented people.

UNF_TM_110215_006UNF_TM_120215_255UNF_TM_110215_001 UNF_TM_110215_057UNF_TM_110215_066UNF_TM_120215_189 UNF_TM_120215_199UNF_TM_110215_002UNF_TM_120215_277 UNF_TM_110215_070 UNF_TM_110215_161UNF_TM_120215_257UNF_TM_120215_180 UNF_TM_120215_181UNF_TM_120215_284 UNF_TM_120215_192UNF_TM_110215_005 UNF_TM_120215_223


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